California Inland Region of NA

RD Update – July 2019


If you don’t talk about anything else from this report, please announce the following items at your ASC:

  1. We have less than 1 month to submit CAR motions. IF YOU ARE WAITING FOR VOTES OR FEEDBACK FROM YOUR AREA, PLEASE CALL ME WITH YOUR VOTES ASAP! The absolute Deadline is August 1st.
  2. Our next Spiritual Principle a Day Book Workshop will be at 11:00am, prior to the Regional meeting in Rim of the World August 4th, and I have some flyers for them to distribute at their meetings.

Spiritual Principle a Day Book Project

  • We hosted our Spiritual Principle a Day workshop Friday afternoon at the convention. We had 40 participants and produced some great material for the new book.
  • The first 4 topics from the Spiritual Principle a Day Project are out for fellowship review / input through September 1at  There are roughly 48 pages of material for review.
  • Participate in writing content for the Spiritual Principle a Day book at


We have been invited by Morongo Basin Area to host an informational and Q&A workshop following their ASC on July 13that 11:00am and are looking forward to attending.

The Delegate Team wants to hold Workshops in your Area. We can Workshop before/after ASC, at your learning day or event, or another location and date – we need 60-90 minutes and tables for participants.

WSC and More

Our WSC Participant Web Meeting was held Saturday, June 15th from 11am to 1pm. Discussion centered around the question of whether the WSC Mission Statement effectively communicates that the WSC does today.

Budget and Expenses

I am submitting a receipt for $30.18 for copies for the workshop. To date, I have spent $717.10 of my $1492.38 Budget for 2019.

RD Calendar – Upcoming Dates

  • September 1 – Unity Day at 10:00am Pacific Time
  • November 26 – CAR Available
  • December 1 – Sponsorship Day
  • January 23-26, 2020 – WSZF in Las Vegas
  • January 26, 2020 – CAT Available
  • April 26 – May 2, 2020 – World Service Conference


Feel free to contact me, Mike C., at or by phone at 760-641-0705