California Inland Region of NA

About the BMLT: Meeting List Tools

The Basic Meeting List Tool is an online tool for organizing and sharing meeting information. It can be used to provide meeting information and reduce the duplication of efforts in a number of useful ways. CIRNA made the decision to move its regional meeting directory to the BMLT in 2020 during the pandemic. The BMLT is an application written and maintained by addicts for the fellowship and is used by more than half the regions worldwide. CIRNA’s BMLT is part of the BMLT server managed by the IT Workgroup of the Western States Zonal Forum (WSZF).


Searchable Online Meeting Directory – First and foremost, the BMLT is a searchable online meeting directory. It powers the meeting listings on this site.

  • Areas Have their Own Access – The goal is for each area to update its own meeting information. Each Area has its own access.
  • Areas Can Use the BMLT for their Websites – Most of the work is done. Areas can use the BMLT to serve just meeting information for their Area on their website, as is done by Southwest Area:

Printable Meeting Directories – A companion plug-in for the BMLT allows us to print our regional meeting directory straight from the information in the BMLT. SEE A SAMPLE

  • Areas Can Create Printed Meeting Directories – Areas can use this plug-in to create their own printed meeting directories. After the initial set-up, the creation of monthly printed directories is almost effortless because updated meeting information is pulled straight from the BMLT. SEE A SAMPLE

BMLT-Connected Phonelines – YAP, another companion application to the BMLT allows an Area or Region to create a phone line with its meeting information linked directly from the BMLT. This feature is currently not in use within our region.

  • Areas Can Set Up a BMLT-Connected Phoneline – Areas can create their own phone line using the BMLT and Yap. The WSZF IT Workgroup has offered to assist any Area or Region in setting up a phoneline with YAP. They will do the majority of the IT work required.

Worldwide Meeting Information – With CIRNA’s permission, the information in our BMLT is shared with other BMLT servers worldwide. This enables applications, such as the BMLT app (not affiliated with Narcotics Anonymous), to provide worldwide meeting search results for addicts with results from every connected BMLT server. Check your smartphone’s app store for the app if you are interested.


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