California Inland Region of NA

Regional Activities

Capture the Banner

Current location as of 3-1-24: SATURDAY night 6:00pm Nothing to Fear

20700 Standing Rock Blvd. (Room 6)

Apple Valley, CA 92308

If your meeting takes the banner, email with the updated location.

Previous captors:

LDA: Friday Night “Speakeasy” 7:30pm

MBA: “We Do Recover” Woman’s Meeting Tuesday 5:30 pm

GMA: Hesperia Women’s Meeting Tuesday 7:30pm

MBA: NA Meeting Sunday 7pm

MBA: Blue Lotus Just For Today Wednesday 9:00am

GMA: Hesperia Men’s Stag Home Group Wednesday 7:30pm

SWA: Living Clean Wednesday 7:00pm

MBA: Beginner’s Topic Meeting Monday 7:00pm

MBA: Sunday night 6:00pm Outlaw recovery