California Inland Region of NA

RD Update – January 2020

Service is action. Get Involved. Ask Questions. Participate. Listen.

Conference Agenda Report (CAR) Workshops

CAR Workshops are scheduled for the following dates and locations.

Sat, Jan 11 @ in Joshua Tree  – Morongo Basin

Sun, Jan 12 @ Noon in Palm Springs – Lower Desert

Sun, Feb 9 @ 1:30pm in Hemet – Southwest

Sun, Feb 16 @ 11am in Banning – CIRNA Office

The CAR is available for download online at

Voting and Tallying of Votes for the CAR

Votes are due at region by April 5th. There are two basic methods of tallying the CAR vote:

  • Area Tally (one vote per Area)
  • Group Tally (one vote per Group)

In the last few CAR’s, our RD used the Area Tally method to tally the vote, but our guidelines have no clear direction regarding how the votes are to be tallied, and I would like to ask the RCM’s to provide feedback about 
what method would you like to use to tally the result of the votes?

One potential reason to use the Group Tally method would be to base CIRNA’s votes on a broader mix of Group votes, otherwise, it’s quite possible that we will only be doing an Area Tally with votes from 3 Areas.

If we use the Area Tally method, each RCM will need to provide me with their Area’s vote (Yes/No) on the motion, as well as the actual vote count on the motion (e.g. 10Y/2N). Taking the count for each motion allows us to accept votes from Groups in an area that may not have gotten their votes into their ASC in time to be included with the RCM’s tallied votes. Otherwise voting would need to be locked after our April 5th Meeting.

GSRs should cast their Group’s votes at their ASC meeting if possible. If a GSR cannot get their Group’s vote into their ASC in time, they can check voting options at or email their votes to
Please ask them to include their Group Name and Area with their votes.

Conference Approval Track (CAT)

The CAT is scheduled to be released by January 26th. The CAT is a secondary document that deals with budgeting for the next 2-year cycle, any procedural changes for business at the WSC, and more. Typically, there are a number of opportunities to weigh in on the CAT, and there is extensive information (e.g. the 2018 CAT was 157 pages).

I have budgeted for 15 copies of the CAT and should have them at our February 2nd meeting. We will need to set aside time to discuss the CAT and get direction or feedback from the RCMs.

CAR Survey

An online version of the survey included in the CAR is available until April 1, 2020 for anyone who wishes to participate at then click “Online Survey”

Regional Report for WSZF and WSC

I need to complete our Regional Report to the WSZF in the next week as well as our
Regional Report Form for the WSC.

Some of the questions from this report will need information from the areas which includes:

___________ How many weekly groups in your area?

___________ How many weekly meetings in your area?

___________ How many monthly H&I panels in your area?

Western States Zonal Forum

WSZF is coming up in 2 weeks. Stephen and I will be leaving for Las Vegas Thursday morning and coming home at some point on Sunday. The 2020 WSZF is being held at the La Quinta Las Vegas Airport South. Stephen and I will have extensive reporting for your at our next meeting.

Spiritual Principle a Day Book Project

  • Participate in writing content for the Spiritual Principle a Day book at
  • The next round of review materials is available, and feedback is due by March 1, 2020.

Budget and Expenses

I closed out 2019 having spent $1424.10 of my $1492.38 budget. 

My budget for 2020 is attached and is projected at $1536.41.

I have several funds request today:

  • $858.91 for the WSZF
  • $30.02 CAR Workshop Fliers (reimbursement)
  • $100.00 CAR Workshop Travel
  • $135.00 for CAT Copies

RD Calendar – Upcoming Dates

  • January 23-26 – WSZF in Las Vegas
  • January 26 – CAT Available 
  • February 15 – Regional Report Due
  • February 15 – WSC Participant Web Mtg.
  • March 1 – SPAD Round 2, Feedback Due
  • March 28 – WSC Participant Orientation
  • April 1 – Last day for CAR Survey
  • April 26 – May 2, 2020 – World Service Conference in Woodland Hills
  • May 1 – Service Day (annual worldwide day)


Feel free to contact me, Mike C., at