California Inland Region of NA

RD Update – April 2019


If you don’t talk about anything else from this report, please announce the following items at your ASC:

1.          The Delegate Team wants to hold Workshops in your Area. We can Workshop before/after ASC, at your learning day or event, or another location and date –we need 60-90 minutes and tables for participants.

2.     Mental Health / Mental Illness IPis out for fellowship review / input through May 15at

3.     Participate in writing content for the Spiritual Principle a Day bookat

4.     If your Group wants to propose a motion for CIRNA to make in the CAR, get started now.
Assume 2-3 months to from Area to Region and 2-3 months to be decided at Region. August 1st Deadline.

Financial Support for WZSF

As a reminder, we need to write a check for our donation of $300 to the WSZF as was voted at last month’s RSC.


Our first workshop prior to the March RSC went well. We had 13 participants who wrote material for the Spiritual Principle a Day book project, and everyone I spoke to reported that they enjoyed the process.

We have scheduled our next Workshop for 11am on May 5th, prior to the RSC in Greater Mojave Area. I will be out of town that weekend, so Stephen will be conducting the workshop. I have flyers for Greater Mojave Area.

We have also scheduled a 1½ hour time slot Friday afternoon from 2 to 3:30 at our Convention to do a Workshop.

Hopefully we’ll be able to continue hosting our pre-RSC Workshops at our August meeting in the mountains.

WSC and More

I submitted your responses to the Environmental Scan from last month’s RSC prior to the March deadline.

Our next WSC Participant Web Meeting is Saturday, April 13 from 11am to 1pm. I’ll have more details next month.

Budget and Expenses

I spent $8.00 on Regional flyers. To date, I have spent $686.92 of my $1492.38 Budget for 2019.

RD Calendar – Upcoming Dates

·      May 1 – SERVICE DAY

·      June 2-8 – PR Week


Feel free to contact me at or by phone at 760-641-0705