California Inland Region of NA

RD Update – November 2020

Conference Participant Web Meeting on 10/17

173 were in attendance, including ADs, WB, and NAWS Staff.

Issue Discussion Topics (IDTs) for this cycle:

  1. Virtual Meetings (voted to make this the first topic)
  2. DRT/MAT
  3. Invest in Our Vision / 7th Tradition

Projects for this cycle:

  1. Finishing up Spiritual Principle a Day book
  2. New IP addressing DRT/MAT
  3. Revision of Loner IP
  4. New IP for women

Legal Matters

  1. The legal petition has been concluded. Judge ruled that the filer of the complaint ( Autonomous region, a non-recognized and non-participating region ) did not have standing 
  2. Legal action in Russia has been concluded – NA has been found not to be a subversive organization 

World Convention

The World Convention in Melbourne, Australia has been cancelled for 2021. NAWS is not confident about what the world will look like. They feel the most reasonable approach seems to be to try to reschedule for 2022.

Convention facilities are available to us in 2022 if we wish. Only available if we commit by end of 2020.
The RDs gave NAWS a vote of confidence to pursue moving the convention to 2022 if feasible (this would not affect other future convention dates) – (voted yes)

NAWS Office Finances

An approx. $660K PPP Loan (Payroll Protection Program) was applied for and received. One of the relief options made available to non-profits and other organizations is Principle Reduction, where the amount that has to be repaid and be reduced. The World Board Treasurer suggested that we request this relief (from the standpoint of NAWS, Inc. being a business) and spoke to his belief that this was no different than taking all deductions on our taxes or availing ourselves of measures meant to assist businesses and organizations. No principle reduction has been requested yet, but the World Board would like our input as to how to proceed.

Additionally, a $150K EIDL Loan (Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program) was received. These loans included an option for a $10K grant, but this was not taken, as it was felt it would be a donation (as it is a grant).

Western States Zonal Forum (WSZF)

We met on Sunday, October 11th. Much of the business was procedural, such as disbanding a Fellowship Development in Rural Communities workgroup that had completed its assigned task, approving revised guidelines, minutes from the January meeting, etc.

We will be holding our annual Western States Zonal Forum meeting virtually around the last weekend in January, but no details have been set. It sounds as though we will be holding a full weekend schedule.

WSZF and BMLT Server

One of the big projects we voted to embark on at the WSZF in January was to establish a Zonal BMLT Server (BMLT stand for Basic Meeting List Tool). I have been participating on this workgroup and can tell you the Zonal BMLT is up and running and that it is my suggestion that we migrate our Regional and Area meeting lists to this system.

In a perfect world, all Areas in CIRNA would take advantage of the BMLT.

Here’s why I suggest we moving our online meeting listings to the BMLT:

  1. Shared information
    1. Each Area can be given access to add and update their meeting information
    2. The Area’s meeting information can be displayed on the CIRNA web site with minimal effort and without the need to duplicate meeting listings
    3. The meeting information can be shared with NAWS, simplifying and streamlining the process of updating meeting information on
  2. Directories and other Tools
    1. BMLT has the ability to assemble meeting directories for print, simplifying the task for both Area and Regional meeting directory officers and ensuring that the latest updated information is used in the directories.
    2. BMLT can be integrated with phonelines to provide meeting information.
  3. Widespread Adoption
    1. This tool has been adopted by NAWS, So Cal, San Diego, and many other areas and regions worldwide. It is an open-source project created and maintained by NA members.
    2. Using a widely adopted (an growing) platform for our meeting information means that it will be easier to provide accurate information globally, while empowering the Areas to maintain and edit their meeting information. (The Regional MDO can still assist as needed.)
    3. Because this in an open-source project, members continue to develop new plug-ins and tools for the BMLT that provide even more power and functionality. This means that we are able to leverage the benefits of future technology and development.
  4. Cost – it’s covered under our yearly fund-flow. No additional cost to CIRNA.
  5. It’s Time – As the long-standing guy behind the scenes of the CIRNA web site, I’ve avoided moving CIRNA to the BMLT because I didn’t want to go through the work of setting up a server and maintaining the system for our Region. Now that work is being done for us, shared between the members of the WSZF.

Ultimately, the choice as to whether to use the BMLT will fall to each Area. We don’t have to decide anything now, but this is available to us and we have members willing to help us transition to this system.

NAWS Webinar on Virtual Meetings 10/31

NAWS held its second Webinar on Virtual Meetings yesterday. I’ve included a few interesting details…

Interesting Information:

  • Fund flow and fundraising within the fellowship are challenges faced by most if not all groups, areas and regions around the world.
  • I was interested to learn how many other countries have been utilizing Virtual Meetings as a means of providing access to meetings in geographically widespread areas.
  • Meeting attendance verification is being addressed in a variety of ways (automated email, online app, individual email, etc.)

Western Service Learning Days (WSLD)

The Virtual WSLD is planned for November 20-22. More information is available online at

Budget and Expenses

I had no new expenses and have spent $1299.46 of my $1536.41 budget with no additional expenses foreseen.

RD Calendar – Upcoming Date

I am including information for upcoming WSC conference cycle. We are operating on a shorter conference cycle than normal. There is only 1 year, 5 months and 24 days (540 days) until the next World Service Conference.

  • Virtual WSLD November 20-22, 2020
  • Sponsorship Day December 1, 2020
  • Conference Participants Web Meeting
    December 12, 2020 – 11am
  • 2021 – Conference Participants Web Meetings
    Feb 13, Apr 17, Jun 12, Aug 21, Oct 9, Dec 18 – 11am
  • 2021 – CAR Motion Deadline August 1, 2021
  • 2011 – HRP Nominations September 30, 2021
    Deadline for candidates for all positions
  • 2021 – CAR Available November 24, 2021
  • 2022 – World Service Conference
    April 24-30, 2022

Regional 25th Anniversary T-Shirts

I AM NOT THE POINT OF CONTACT!!! Please don’t give my contact information out for T-Shirts.

I have been given contact information for a company that coordinates all the ordering, shipping and money collection and then is supposed to give us a certain amount (say $5.00) for every shirt/item sold. I have not had the time to follow up, but I would strongly suggest considering this method, since it involves no financial commitment on our part, and leaves us with no potential for unsold inventory.

I am willing to look into this further and provide information next month.


Feel free to contact me, Mike C., at