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Rd Update – June 2020

2020 Virtual World Service Conference (WSC)

  • The first session of the Virtual WSC concluded on Sunday, May 3rdWe closed roughly 1 ½ hours late, after spending close to 3 hours straw polling and discussing whether to hold a second virtual WSC session to try to cover at least some of the CAR motions. An amended motion was finally passed to convene later this year for another session.
  • If you want detailed reporting of the business that took place at the WSC, please see
  • Business conducted at the first 2020 Virtual WSC session (motions are summarized):
    • Motion V1 to conduct business at a virtual WSC – Passed – Voted YES
    • Emergency Budget (V2) – Passed – Voted NO, based on discussion that we not pass a deficit budget
    • Motion V3 to vote on WB Project Plans separately, acknowledgement that some/all of these may not be completed due to current situations – Passed – Voted NO
    • Motion V4 – Spiritual Principle a Day Book project/budget ($75K) – Passed – Voted YES, as discussed
    • Motion V5 – New Recovery Information Pamphlets – Failed – Voted NO, as discussed
    • Motion V6 – Revise Existing IPs (The Loner) project – Passed – Voted NO, as discussed
    • Motion V7 – Issue Discussion Topics (IDTs) project – Passed – Voted NO, as discussed
    • Motion V8 – Local Service Toolbox project – Passed – Voted YES, as discussed
    • Motion V9 – Role of Zones project – Passed – Voted NO, as discussed
    • Motion V10 – FIPT revision project plan (contingent on passing of CAR motion, WB assured nothing would be done unless CAR motion passed) – Passed – Voted NO, as discussed
    • Motion – Hold a second Virtual WSC session later this year – Passed – Voted YES. I believe that the groups in our region who took their time to review and vote on the CAR motions would want their votes to be recorded.
  • Takeaways and Impressions:

This was an imperfect process, and frustrating at times, but I’m also reminded that many of our service meetings can be like that. We came together as 120+ representatives from around the world, plus alternates, WB members and NAWS staff, over 250 participants at times, and conducted our first Virtual WSC.

In some ways, how business flows at our next session will say much about what we have learned. I think we can certainly do better than we did our first time out, and I also think that we have an obligation to the fellowship to explore this as a viable alternative to in-person WSC’s. WSC costs the fellowship $400K – $500K every two years.

I missed the opportunities for one-on-one connections that I have heard about from previous RDs, and I did notice a feeling of disconnection that I don’t normally feeling in service meetings. This was someone alleviated once I started attending a daily virtual meeting with some of the other Delegates.

I had a distinct sense that the World Board were running the show, and I am concerned about some of the things I see happening with fundraising for NAWS. It almost seems like NAWS is competing with our Groups, Areas and Region for NA funds now, and I’m not sure that’s how we should be operating. Anthony, the executive director of NAWS, directly stated that funding our services through literature sales is no longer working. I think this is the beginning of a larger conversation about how we fund our worldwide NA services, and maybe who we turn to for those services.

CAR Votes

If there are Groups which have not submitted their CAR votes, there is still time. Our next Virtual WSC session will 

If there are groups that have not submitted their votes, please have your groups email their votes to  Please ask them to include their Group Name and Area with their votes.

Questions for Session 2 of the Virtual WSC

The WB is asking which items from the CAR we want to discuss and vote on in session 2. The WB is recommending that we not hold discussion or voting on Motions 1, 3, and 4… holding those over for discussion at a future face-to-face meeting, along with CAT Motion 1, the NAWS strategic plan.

QUESTION 1: What CAR Motions 1-16 should we discuss/vote on at the next session of the WSC?

QUESTION 2: What remaining CAT Motions should we discuss/vote on at the next session of the WSC?

The WB asked how we prefer to vote (either by poll, after the session where we hold discussion, or during the session, as we have been doing with straw polling).

The WB is also asking whether we prefer to meet August 7-9th, or August 28-30th. My preference is for earlier.

Chances are, we will be polled regarding these items prior to our next CP Web meeting on June 27th, so any thoughts or feedback should be provided now.

In response to the WB request to review the items we would be polled on and provide feedback, I requested that another item be added, asking if we would like to hold the WSC at alternating times each day. The last session was held entirely at times that were optimal for the Pacific time zone, and many of us felt that it was unfairly burdensome on participants in other time zones, especially zones where they had to be there at early morning hours every day. I suggested sharing the inconvenience between all of us, and staggering our daily start times by 3-4 hours each day.

I also suggested a procedural change for voting to allow point of information questions to be asked before straw polling and voting, and I requested that any motion to extend the moratorium from the last WSC on FIPT-based inspection requests come only from Delegates (not the WB… the WB made every motion we voted on at the last session.)

Budget and Expenses

I had no new expenses and have spent $1299.46 of my $1536.41 budget.

RD Calendar – Upcoming Dates

  • June 27 – next CP (Participant) Web Meeting
  • September 1 – Unity Day (annual worldwide day)
  • World Convention September 9-12, 2021
    Melbourne, Australia 


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