California Inland Region of NA

RD Update – February 2020

Conference Agenda Report (CAR) Workshops

Preparing for our workshops, I developed a Summary and Pros/Cons worksheet that we have used for both Area workshops so far. The worksheet is updated as new information is gathered.

This morning I was able to participate in a CAR workshop hosted by ENYR and GNYR covering motions 6-16 in the CAR with motion makers for each of the regional motions presenting their motions and taking questions from the participants. There were over 62 people in attendance, including a number from other countries.

We have Hosted 2 CAR workshops so far. MBA on Saturday, January 11 and LDA on Sunday, January 12. Both seemed well-attended and participation was strong. I’m happy to announce the Great Mojave has added a CAR workshop on March 8, from 1-4pm at Alano Club on Central Rd. in Apple Valley.

Sun, Feb 9 @ 1:30pm in Hemet – Southwest Area
Sun, Feb 16 @ 11am in Banning – CIRNA Office
Sun, March 8 @ 1pm in Apple Valley – Greater Mojave

The CAR and CAT are both available for download online at

Voting and Tallying of Votes for the CAR

Votes are due at region by April 5th. I would also like to get a consensus from the RCMs as to how they would like to tally the vote as we discussed last at last month’s RSC. There is more research on vote tallying from other regions in my report from the WSZF.

GSRs should cast their Group’s votes at their ASC meeting if possible. If a GSR cannot get their Group’s vote into their ASC in time, they can check voting options at or email their votes to
Please ask them to include their Group Name and Area with their votes.

Conference Approval Track (CAT)

The CAT was released on January 25th. It is 187 pages and includes 17 additional motions. The CAT is a secondary document that deals with budgeting for the next 2-year cycle, any procedural changes for business at the WSC, and more. I have 15 copies for the RCMs, Alternates and executive body.

Depending on who shows up for the February 16th workshop at the regional office, we may take some time to review the CAT. This body can also set aside any time it would like to do some review.

CAR Survey

An online version of the survey included in the CAR is available until April 1, 2020 for anyone who wishes to participate at then click “Online Survey”

Regional Report for WSZF and WSC

I fudged some numbers on H&I panels for Greater Mojave for our WSZF report and will hopefully be able to get actual numbers soon so I can complete our report to the WSC.

Western States Zonal Forum

The WSZF was great… and long… and a pile of information. We left Temecula at 7:30am Thursday and got home around 8:30pm on Sunday. 837 miles and roughly 15 ½ hours of driving later.

I have prepared a comprehensive report.

I am requesting that we talk about hosting for the 2021 Western States Zonal Forum, which needs to take place in the first quarter of 2021. Palm Springs would be the most natural selection, since it has an international airport.
I am hoping we can discuss this in Innovations and Challenges. Meeting List

I have been contacted by Lori W. from NAWS regarding updating our meeting information for all of CIRNA. She has sent me an Excel file with all of the meeting information they have and has asked us to update the information as they have been getting reports of inaccurate meeting information. Let’s please talk about this and who should be the point-person for this important task.

Regional T-Shirts

I have found a vendor for our shirts and will be presenting artwork for approval today. I do not have pricing on the shirts yet, and I have a few details we need to work out before moving forward:

  1. How do we want to handle getting shirts to the people who order them?
    1. Pick-Up could be at the Regional Unity Day and then maybe at RSC meetings following
      1. Who would do this work (Hold on to the t-shirt inventory, Label t-shirts for pick-up, Keep the list of who has picked up shirts, etc.
    1. Delivery
      1. We can include an option and price for delivery by mail, but someone will need to pack orders and ship them

Budget and Expenses

Total expenses for WSZF, including mileage, were $945.81. Although this is higher than the $858.91 that I had budgeted, I am not requesting any additional reimbursement, as I made some meal choices that took me above my daily per diem on Friday.

I also spent $7.88 for copies of our Regional Report for WSZF, and $27.60 plus $32.54 for copies of the Summary and Pros and Cons sheets for the CAR Workshops. 15 Copies of the CAT for today were $135.

I did 212.5 Miles of travel for the CAR workshops, at my budgeted rate of 35¢ a mile, that’s $74.36. (Note: I got a room in Palm Springs on my own dime so I didn’t have to drive out to the desert twice for the workshops.)

Total expenses were $1136.29 and total received last month was $1123.93. (I am not requesting the difference.)

So far, I have spent $1123.93 of my $1536.41 budget.

Legal Case

I have seen nothing about this from the World Board or NAWS, Inc. yet, but I think it’s important to at least acknowledge that this exists. A legal case was filed in the Superior Court of California on January 27th. I am summarizing 6 pages of content, but the case basically alleges a breach of trust by NAWS, Inc. and the World Board, saying that there is a conflict of interest for them to administer the trust, set prices and be the recipient of the proceeds from the sales of the literature.

I have brought a printed copy today for your information. There is nothing for us to do at this point, but I know how rumors spread and I think it’s important to know what’s going on with our fellowship.

World Convention

World Convention 28 will be in Melbourne, Australia September 9-12, 2021. Registration should go on sale in September 2020. They suggest getting a travel Visa (usually good for 1 year), after registration opens.

Spiritual Principle a Day Book Project

  • Participate in writing content for the Spiritual Principle a Day book at
  • The next round of review materials is available, and feedback is due by March 1, 2020.

RD Calendar – Upcoming Dates

  • February 15 – Regional Report Due
  • February 15 – WSC Participant Web Mtg.
  • March 1 – SPAD Round 2, Feedback Due
  • March 28 – WSC Participant Orientation
  • April 1 – Last day for CAR Survey
  • April 26 – May 2, 2020 – World Service Conference in Woodland Hills
  • May 1 – Service Day (annual worldwide day)


Feel free to contact me, Mike C., at or by phone at 760-641-0705