California Inland Region of NA

RD Update – February 2019


If you don’t talk about anything else from this report, please announce the following items at your ASC:

  1. RD-hosted Interactive Workshops are here! Come out to our first workshop 11am March 3, Regional Sunday in Southwest Area. We will be writing for the Spiritual Principle a Day book (see flyer)
  2.  The Delegate Team wants to hold Workshops in your Area. We can Workshop before/after ASC, at your learning day or event, or another location and date –we need 1 to 2 hours and tables for participants.
  3. The Regional Delegate’s Blog is back, now calledRD Updates. See it at
  4. The Mental Health / Mental Illness IPis out for fellowship review / input at
  5. If your Group wants to propose a motion for CIRNA to make in the CAR, get started now.
  6. Assume 2-3 months to from Area to Region and 2-3 months to be decided at Region. August 1st Deadline.

Let me apologize now… this report isn’t going to be in order. I’m putting what I think is most important first.


Function: Item D in our Guidelines says that “CIRNA shall provide learning days or workshops as needed to inform interested members.” And that’s everything our guidelines say about that topic. After listening and talking to other Delegates, I believe this has been a highly neglected function in our Region for quite some time, both in terms of delegation of the responsibility for this task, and in the delivery of these learning days and workshops.

I believe workshops can be a powerful tool for establishing better communication with the Groups and their Areas while helping to build a greater understanding of their Conscience and preparing them to discuss issues that may come up in the Conference Agenda Report or elsewhere.

As your Delegate Team we would like to workshop everywhere we can:

  1. 11:00am before our RSC meetings when we rotate to Areas
  2. I would like to request that we allocate an extra hour (11am to Noon) for Workshops to be conducted in the hosting Areas.
  3. We wantto travel to do workshops in your Area or at your ASC. Contact us to schedule a date.
  4. We are willing to host a workshop at CIRCNA if space can be made available, I have reached out to Jimmy W. to request a 1 ½ to 2 hour block of time and meeting space.
  5. We are willing to participate in Learning Days, Service Workshops or other functions. Contact us.

Return of the RD Blog (now Regional Delegate Updates)

The Regional Delegate’s Blog is back, this has previously been used to post RD reports and to get information out to the Groups and Areas within CIRNA. And because it’s 2019, we’re not going to call it a ‘blog’ anymore.

The blog will have link in the site’s navigation to “RD Updates” and will be directly accessible at

Western States Zonal Forum (WSZF)

Attending the Western States Zonal Forum (WSZF)last weekend as your RD was a great experience which has inspired me and I believe Stephen as well. The WSZF is a yearly gathering of RDs and RDAsfrom the Zone, typically held around the end of January and hosted by one of the Member Regions. The Zone is comprised of 13 Regions within the Western US, including Alaska. It is the 3rd largest Zone in the world – based on number of member Regions – out of 15 Zones in the world.

Based on our experience in San Diego last weekend, I can tell you that the WSZF is a valuable resourcefor preparing our RD Team to better serve the Groups within our Region at the WSC, improving the quality of information and services we can provide to the fellowship, and strengthening unity and collaboration between Regions.

  • Mentorship from other RDs, RDAs and dedicated trusted servants
  • One of the best opportunities to interact directly with NAWs staff and a World Board member outside of WSC
  • Valuable learning about what other Regions are doing and how we might be able to use their ideas
  • Looking for ways to serve the Regions in our zone (more on this later)

Financial Support for the WSZF

Last month we discussed funding the WSZF, and their suggested donation of $300/year per member Region (possible total of $3,900/year).You asked for more information:

The $300/year amount is based on their estimated budget. They’re not asking for a guaranteed donation but are letting the member Regions know what an equal share of the costs would be. These expenses include:

  • $500/year Online Collaboration Platform (Loomio)
  • Travel, Hotel, Per Diem and Expenses for 2 Co-Facilitators (the elected officers who lead the sessions, and run the business meetings, serving 2-year terms)
  • Any expenses associated with hosting the WSZF, Flyers, etc.
  • Web site hosting and domain for the WSZF site

Having experienced a zonal forum, my unequivocal recommendation is to financially support the WSZF,when we can afford it, and to immediately donate at least the $300 suggested amount to the WSZF.

Are Zones Being Positioned to Replace Regions at the WSC?

After the motions passed at the last WSC, it would be short-sighted not to ask this question. To recap, at the last WSC, Zonal Delegates were given the same privileges as Regional Delegates in Zones where 2 or more regions did not have Delegates to represent them at WSC.Is a full press for Zonal representation next?

While I can’t speak to what is happening elsewhere in NA, it is my belief after this weekend that the Western States Zonal Forum itself is not interested in inserting itself into the service structure between the Regions and WSC. From my perspective, the Zone is not a service body looking for more power, it is us… Simply Delegates coming together to learn, share ideas and help to better carry the message.

The representative from NAWS also stated clearly that there are no plans in place to increase Zonal representation at the WSC or to replace Regions with Zonal representation.

An Overview of the WSZF Sessions

If you’re interested in the play-by-play of the WSZF, I have my notes from each of the sessions as well as thorough minutes. I won’t attempt to cover everything in this report, nor would it be an effective job on my part to do so. Our sessions for the weekend included:

  1. California Collaboration (not a full WSZF session)
  2. Regional Reports and Q&A
  3. Discussion on Prioritized Topics
  4. NAWS Update
  5.  Budgeting for Service Bodies and Subcommittees
  6. Planning for Service Bodies and Subcommittees
  7. Business Session
  8. Wrap-up and Moving Forward

California Collaboration

The California Collaboration began 4-6 years ago with the focus of collaboration between Regional H&I, PI, etc. and servicing Regions and their groups within California. There is no budget or financial support needed at this time, just participation. It is not part of the WSZF but meets at the WSZF since all of the participating Regions are present.

In my understanding from the discussion and questions asked at the session: the California Collaboration is an attempt to create a framework for improved external and internal communication within California…

  1. External communication with outside individuals and organizations looking for meetings or to contact local NA resources (such as H&I or PI). Primarily accomplished through a web site and potential development of points of contact for inquiries.
  2. Improved communication and collaboration between Regions, Subcommittees, etc. within California. To be accomplished through Resource People who would coordinate and facilitate communications.

Our Regional Report

I made the best report I could, based on the first-hand information I know about our Region and Areas. I have attached copies of my 4-page report, filed digitally with the WSZF, and my brief 1-page highlight report which was presented in the Regional Reporting session.

WSZF Workgroups and Fellowship Development in Rural Areas

Our prioritized discussion session resulted in the creation of 3 Workgroups to perform specific tasks. The first Workgroup handled guidelines revisions, the second Workgroup Tools, Technology and Training – I am participating on this workgroup, and the 3rd Workgroups is focused on Fellowship Development in Rural Areas.

The Rural Areas Workgroup has 2 questions for our Region:

  1. Do you have under-served rural communities in your region?
  2. What support could the Zonal Forum provide that would help your efforts in fellowship development in these rural communities?

Western Service Learning Days (WSLD)

Western Service Learning Days was strongly promoted by many of the Delegates in attendance at the WSZF and, based on our experience at the Zonal Forum,I would suggest that our Region send our PI and H&I Resource officers if we are able. It was also suggested that one or both of the Delegate Team attend the Learning Days and participate in a new RD track they have added to the program. WSLD is November 8-10, 2019 in Seattle. (See Flyer)


There were 2 NAWS employees and 1 World Board member present for the WSZF. They walked us through several workshops and provided updates on current projects along with time for questions and answers.

  1. There are now videos with ASL (American Sign Language) for hearing-impaired members at in the “For our Members” section of the web site.
  2. Participate in writing content for the Spiritual Principle a Day book at
  3. Participate in review and input for the Mental Health / Mental Illness IP at
  4. There are web meetings / webinars on multiple topics at
  5. Issue Discussion Topics for 2018 – 2020 are:
    1. Carrying the NA Message and Making NA Attractive
    2. Attracting Members to Service
    3. Drug Replacement Therapy (DRT) and Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) as It Relates to NA

WSZF Expenses

I am returning $83.81 of the $461.96 given to me for WSZF. A detailed breakdown of expenses is included with my receipts. Stephen will have separate receipts and any funds remaining from his $103 per diem.

RD Calendar – Upcoming Dates

  • February 9 – 11am to 1pm – WSC Participant online meeting
  • March 3 – 11am to Noon Workshop before RSC in Southwest Area
  • May 1 – SERVICE DAY(special days were voted in at the last WSC)
  • August 1 – Regional Motion Deadline. If your Group wants to propose a motion, get started now.
  •  December 1 – SPONSORSHIP DAY


Feel free to contact me at or by phone at 760-641-0705