California Inland Region of NA

RD Update – August 2022

Don’t Wait. An AD is needed NOW!

This is my last term and I will be absent from the December meeting. I hope the information above makes it clear how important it is to have an Alternate Delegate (AD) in place to start mentoring and making plans for the upcoming WSC year. There will be lots of work to do in a short amount of time.

Beyond electing a new AD immediately, I encourage this body to start planning for the upcoming conference cycle. One thing is almost certain, there will be a lot of information to process and distribute to the fellowship.

Western States Zonal Forum (WSZF)

Our quarterly WSZF meeting was held on Zoom last Sunday. We had reports from the one facilitator present as well as the standing IT workgroup and task-based workgroups.

The next Behind the Walls workgroup meeting will be We meet again August 13th at 10am Pacific on Zoom

We confirmed Pacific Cascade Region as the host for the next WSZF which will be Thursday through Sunday, January 19th to 22nd in Portland, Oregon. Rooms will be $95/night + 16% tax. Breakfast included for 2. Hotel provides shuttle from airport. Attendees and local fellowship can typically provide transportation. Parking is $13/night if needed. Some type of catering/food/event will be included with a cost to be established.

Our next WSZF meeting will be hybrid, in conjunction with WSLD in October.

Guideline Suggestion

A suggested revision to our guidelines for the next review:

  • Change the term for RD and AD to run through June of the conference year, with nominations in June and elections in July. This will give the RD team time to finish out the WSC and report, and then bring in a new RD team during the slower time-period that follows.
  • FYI, there will be a motion from the World Board in the CAR or CAT to try a 3-year conference cycle for the next 2 conferences. This isn’t guaranteed to pass, but if it does, CIRNA will need to consider longer terms for the RD and AD for the next 2 conference cycles.

Budget and Expenses

So far this year we have spent $1393.47 of our 2022 budget of $2301.92.

RD Calendar – Upcoming Dates

  • Conference Participants Web Meetings
    11am – Aug. 20, Oct. 22, Dec. 10
  • WSZF Quarterly Mtg. (hybrid) – Nov
  • World Unity Day – Sept. 3
    Moment of silence and Serenity Prayer @ 10am
  • HRP Nominations Deadline – Sept. 30
  • 2023 CAR Available – Nov. 30
  • WSZF 2023 – January 19-22
  • Regional Reports due for WSC – Feb. 1
  • WSC 2023 – April 30 to May 6


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