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Regional Delegate Updates

Information, reports and announcements from the CIRNA Regional Delegate team.

Virtual WSC 2020

A reduced World Service Conference (WSC) is being held virtually on the following dates: April 24-26th, April 29th, and May 2-3rd.

Two sessions will be held each day:
Session 1: From 11:00am to 1:00pm
Session 2: From 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Each session will be live-streamed on YouTube. To find the link for the current session, visit

RD Update – March 2020

CAR Votes are due at Region on April 5th.

Conference Agenda Report (CAR) Workshops and Voting

Our open CAR Workshop was held at the Regional Office in Banning on February 16th. Attendance was a total of 2, including myself. Our final CAR Workshop will be held on March 8th at 1pm in Greater Mojave Area at the Alano Club in Apple Valley. The CAR and CAT are both available for download online at 

If a GSR cannot get their Group’s vote into their ASC in time, they can check voting options at or email their votes to  Please ask them to include their Group Name and Area with their votes.

RD Update – February 2020

Conference Agenda Report (CAR) Workshops

Preparing for our workshops, I developed a Summary and Pros/Cons worksheet that we have used for both Area workshops so far. The worksheet is updated as new information is gathered.

This morning I was able to participate in a CAR workshop hosted by ENYR and GNYR covering motions 6-16 in the CAR with motion makers for each of the regional motions presenting their motions and taking questions from the participants. There were over 62 people in attendance, including a number from other countries.

We have Hosted 2 CAR workshops so far. MBA on Saturday, January 11 and LDA on Sunday, January 12. Both seemed well-attended and participation was strong. I’m happy to announce the Great Mojave has added a CAR workshop on March 8, from 1-4pm at Alano Club on Central Rd. in Apple Valley.

Sun, Feb 9 @ 1:30pm in Hemet – Southwest Area
Sun, Feb 16 @ 11am in Banning – CIRNA Office
Sun, March 8 @ 1pm in Apple Valley – Greater Mojave

The CAR and CAT are both available for download online at

CAR Summary with Pro’s and Con’s

This overview is an attempt to provide a balanced look at the implications and/or benefits of the various motions in the 2020 Conference Agenda Report (CAR). The goal of this document is not to convince anyone one way or another, but rather to provide groups with a balanced variety of information to make their own informed decisions.

This document will continue to be updated as we receive more pro/con information. Our goal is to keep the document to 10-12 pages.

RD Update – January 2020

Service is action. Get Involved. Ask Questions. Participate. Listen.

Conference Agenda Report (CAR) Workshops

CAR Workshops are scheduled for the following dates and locations.

Sat, Jan 11 @ in Joshua Tree  – Morongo Basin

Sun, Jan 12 @ Noon in Palm Springs – Lower Desert

Sun, Feb 9 @ 1:30pm in Hemet – Southwest

Sun, Feb 16 @ 11am in Banning – CIRNA Office

The CAR is available for download online at

2020 CAR Group Voting

Please cast your vote at your ASC meeting if possible. If you can not get your Group’s vote in to your ASC in time, you can email your votes to

Please be sure to include your Group Name and Area with your votes.

CAR Workshops


January 11 – Morongo Basin Area
6336 Hallee Rd
Joshua Tree, CA 92252

January 12 – Lower Desert Area
12:00 Noon
Palm Springs Alano Club
463 W. Dominguez Rd.
Palm Springs, CA

February 9 – Southwest Area
Provident Bank
1690 E. Florida Ave.

February 16 – CIRNA Regional Office
CIRNA Regional Office
36 W. Williams
Banning, CA

If your area wants to hold a CAR workshop, please contact our RD at to make arrangements.