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CIRNA Coronavirus Update

While NA holds no opinion on outside issues, the Coronavirus and efforts to curb its spread have had an undeniable impact on our NA meetings and groups.

Many meetings are temporarily closed, while other groups have chosen to press on and keep their meetings open.

Whether you are looking for an in-person NA meeting, or looking for online NA meetings or other alternatives, please read the following for up-to-date information and suggestions.

Online Meetings, Speaker Archives and Phone-In Meetings

The following links are provided as resources for addicts seeking NA recovery meetings and NA recovery resources.

ONLINE MEETINGS WITHIN CIRNA – Virtual Meetings and Tools

Out of the Darkness group speaker archives

Speaker Archives…/UCsyr67ghyBzCqOFuxeUkViw/videos

Private Facebook Group hosts meetings daily
Narcotics Anonymous/The LIPPP

In-Person NA Meetings

Please be aware that while efforts are being made to update the status of meetings on this site, information does not always flow at an ideal pace, and some meetings may be temporarily dark. If you find that a meeting has gone dark, please try another meeting, call one of the area helplines, or try one of the online meeting resources listed above.

(Use Find A Meeting in the menu above to find NA Meetings and Helplines Numbers)

If you are sick or feel like you might be coming down with something, do not attend a meeting for the protection of the group. Call an area helpline or use Online Meetings to connect with other recovering addicts.

For Meetings that are Going to be Dark

A few suggestions to keep members informed and connect with the Newcomer in these challenging times:

  1. Contact your Area’s Meeting Directory Officer and let them know your meeting is going to be dark for the time-being.
  2. Contact the Regional Web Master and ask them to mark your meeting as “Temporarily Closed” on this web site.
  3. Ask any group members active on social media to post that the meeting will be temporarily closed.
  4. Depending on current regulations, ask for one or two volunteers to show up at the meeting location 15-20 minutes before the start time of the meeting and stay 15-20 minutes after the start time to greet any Newcomers or members who haven’t heard about the meeting closure.
    • Keep some printed lists of online meetings to hand out (you are welcome to use the editable Southwest Area NA Greeting document following this list).
    • Keep some white books, IPs or other literature to pass out
  5. If no one is able to be at the meeting location, ask if you can post a flyer indicating that the meeting is temporarily dark and direct visitors to for information about online meetings.

Welcome to CIRNA

CIRNA - California Inland Region of NA

The California Inland Region of Narcotics Anonymous (CIRNA) is comprised of five member Areas and provides services and support to NA meetings and addicts seeking recovery within its boundaries.

Am I an Addict?

Only you can answer this question.

This may not be an easy thing to do. All through our usage, we told ourselves, “I can handle it.” Even if this was true in the beginning, it is not so now. The drugs handled us. We lived to use and used to live. Very simply, an addict is a person whose life is controlled by drugs.

Regional Activities

If you have any questions regarding the Activities committee or you are looking to join the committee, contact Stephen S. at (760) 270-3423.

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